25 February 2006

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23 February 2006

Primezomburningilbertandgeorgegerm (in the mirror)

Primezomburningilbertandgeorgegerm (in the mirror)
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Staring back at zombizi prime

Staring back at zombizi prime
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Don't stare at yourself in the mirror for too long, you might not like who stares back

Don't stare at yourself in the mirror for too long, you might not like who stares back
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JELLO Biafra 1984

JELLO Biafra 1984
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Stephen Roy (aka Gonzo/Mingle) has some extraordinary concert pics, mainly 80's punks and rockers, but other stuff too - early madonna pics, sting when he was a punk wannabe, billy idol - all worth seeing. Go there now.

bollywood meltdown frenzy...

For a fantastically spicy multimedia experience, how about burn some hipswingingly lovely Bollywood tunes from Bollywood for the skeptical, and listen to them whilst looking through flickr pics tagged with bollywood and waiting for the greatest bollywood films ever to arrive via Bollywood torrents? God, I spoil you...

22 February 2006

glow 22

glow 22
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"This is the plan. Shoot one roll of film in one city and pass on to someone in another city. Shoot recognisable landmarks or postcard shots. Pick your partners first or ask for one here.
Film only, obviously. But it might be best to work with people using the same or similar cameras. We won\'t know though, until we try it..."

"(This one is 35mm Kodacolour ISO 200 shot at ISO 400 in Bristol by knautia followed by Brendadada shooting on the Headland at the mouth of the Tees. "

A tale of two cities

more music...

The beatles and the beastie boys...must the the beastles...two full albums of joyously illegal and improbably good stuff here, both in ultra-convenient torrent form:

dj BC Presents The Beastles

Let It Beast

21 February 2006

pete docherty: justified and ancient?

(lifted verbatim from Hecklerspray)

"According to an email we got, Pete Doherty (DVDs) is a giant hoax created by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty of KLF/ burning a million quid/ firing blanks at Brits audiences/ leaving dead sheep lying around fame. Evidence? You want evidence? Here's what the email said:

“The Samaritans have today recruited 600 extra staff to deal with an expected surge in calls as troubled fans come to terms with today's revelations about rocker and teen icon Pete Doherty. In a surprise press conference today, the men behind Doherty's career revealed themselves - and admitted that the Libertines, Babyshambles, the tales of drug use, the armed robberies and the affair with supermodel Kate Moss have all been part of one of the largest hoaxes in British history.”

The men behind the scandal - Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, who were themselves infamous popstars under the name The KLF - apparently admitted how they plucked a young Buddy Holly impersonator from obscurity and made him a ‘star’:

"It was a meant to be a quick stunt to show the frailties of our celebrity-obsessed culture," said Cauty, adding, "there are too many people who are famous despite their lack of talent, usefulness and basic intelligence. We wanted to do something that held a mirror up to that."

Drummond and Cauty, two people whom genius is a hat that really fits, carried on in their prepared statements about how Doherty, real name Trevor McDermott was making a paltry living as a Buddy Holly impersonator, it is claimed. Being a general trampy arsed buffoon, the duo quickly realised that this toad would be ideal for their grand duping:

"The plan involved proving three theories we have about current British society. The first is that in the so-called "alternative" scene, everybody is too scared of missing The Next Big Thing to worry about anything else." To prove this, some session musicians were provided to compose the rest of the "band", The Libertines, and rumours of explosive gigs were leaked to the media. The gigs in question never actually took place, but we didn't have to worry about that. Soon the buzz around The Libertines was so frenetic, journalists were falling over themselves to claim to have been at the front of every single fictional gig."

Within weeks, The Libertines had gone overground, and wombling free. The e-mail alleges that Drummond and Cauty moved to their second theory:

"We feel that our culture has become an enormous soap opera. We don't care what a person thinks, or creates, or contributes. We just care about what they do in their normal lives. Especially when it's something they shouldn't be doing."

To demonstrate this marvellous notion, it's claimed that the fab two orchestrated a number of scandals. The first was the notorious robbery staged in the house of Carl ‘P45’ Barat. When the house-usery took place, McDermott (aka Doherty) was virtually an unknown outside of the wank-mag, NME but afterwards? Front page of every major national tabloid. A twist in the tale was yet to unfurl. That was the affair with the most famous Mantis in the world Kate Moss.

"That was not something that we planned or had any involvement. Whether she knew about the hoax is something we are not party to. We have never had any contact with Miss Moss."

This was a surprising result for the experiment. Smack, cracks and crime had made McDermott a media hot spud, the relationship with one of fashion's most famous women slung the hopeless cunt into the world of A-List celebritard.

In spite of this boon, the project started turning into a major setback for Drummond and Cauty. The email claims they were preparing to enter the ‘final phase’ of the scheme, ‘Doherty’ decided that he wanted to part company with them and threatened legal actions if any details were leaked:

"We were upset at the apparent failure of our grand project, and also at the monster we had created in Pete Doherty. Our third theorem - that 'If enough people say that a piece of bullshit is a bar of gold, we'll believe it's a bar of gold' - seemed to have been beyond salvation. Fortunately, at that point Pete released the first Babyshambles album."

In the time since then, the e-mails states that Drummond and Cauty have been locked in a vicious legal battle, which was eventually settled out of court by the discovery of a video showing McDermott/Doherty singing Peggy Sue at a holiday camp in Devon. McDermott still denies all charges at the time of press.

Will this bugger Doherty's career up? Who knows. Won't hurt to try, though"

19 February 2006

Corporate Connection v.2, 2003

Corporate Connection v.2, 2003
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16 February 2006


Latest in the "whole album remixed and released online" thingies, here is Portishead's Dummy all redone and lovely...

Portishead remixed: Dumb


Current affairs: the internet responds.

In the light of increasing tensions between the islamic and non-islamic worlds, the ongoing revelations of mistreatment and abuses by american and british forces, the scandals of abu graibh and guantanamo bay, the "cartoon riots" and the blatent over-zealous responses by both sides, it is comforting to see the users of the interweb responding in a measured, sensitive way:
How to "Do a Lynndie"

Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten
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Andy Rosen has some extrordinary pictures of the punk/post-punk scene...go see.

04 February 2006

my name in lights....

Not my name in lights....
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03 February 2006

Danish Protest

Danish Protest
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The end of Bristol

Shit Fountain

Shit Fountain
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02 February 2006

quiz time...

what links...

rock stars (36.9), americans (75.8)?

01 February 2006

postcard show THIS Saturday

postcard show THIS Saturday
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This Saturday Bristol 4pm to 6pm
At oppo Cafe, top of park st, next to the white lion pub