11 May 2006

haven't posted any music for a while, so here's some bootlegs to be going on with:

Rammstein vs Depeche Mode: Black Sonne (Totom)

Rammstein vs Rob Base and EZ Rock: It takes du (Sean McGolgan)

(You wait for ages for a decent Rammstein mashup, and then two come along at once! Oh and here is GHP's latest - and whilst the dizzy heights of "Ray of Gob may never be reached again, this certainly holds it's own...)

Velvet Underground vs Chemical Brother: Don't hold back (sweet Jane) (Go Home Productions)

ignore the crying child, keep on shopping

(Comment and picture from Ososment: "I'm now royally fucking sick of this planet.

9000 children a day... let me repeat that. A FUCKING DAY. die of diarrhoea.

Not only that but armed bastards all overthe world are killing kids and their mothers and their fathers by the thousands. And for those that are not killed, their future is dead, a void of hate, fear and revenge.

Nobody takes responsibility. Nobody stands up and says, well maybe if we hadn't sold them those guns, maybe if we hadn't backed that group...

Meanwhile the kid cries because there's no water in the tap.

meanwhile the pregnant mum becomes the 120th victim in yet another civil war.

meanwhile, we keep on shopping.

I wish I was from another planet, the Earth aint bad, just the bastards on it.

(original picture of the thirsty child is from: www.medrix.org/ )")

10 May 2006

the greatest dancer, bar none...

03 May 2006

Their racism is now out in the open

(disclaimer: posting this because I thought it was an interestingly paranoid slant - reminded me of the "America is built on fear" segment in farenheit 911...)