17 October 2006

the gay train...


Anonymous Beth said...


Amore, Liebe, Love,

7:22 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gay rights train is roarin' down the tracks

Mostly, you only get a peek at the ebony sex movies and
passing signposts when you're riding along, smack in the middle of a movement
that's rapidly picking up speed.

It was like that in the middle of the civil rights revolution
of the '60s and '70s. A protest march in downtown Seattle
here. A burning building in the Central Area there.

The media dashed around focusing their lenses on each individual
event, rarely standing back to see the vista of equality we
were all aiming for.

We're still en route to racial parity, of course, but at least
we're close enough now to see what the landscape should look like.

Outside the windshield yesterday there was a demonstration in
downtown Seattle. A group representing more than 160 religious
leaders supporting same-sex marriage and opposing a constitutional
ban on gay ebony blowjobs
unions marched from a church to the King County Courthouse.

Meanwhile, out the side window, Benton County, Ore., had just
postponed the issuing of marriage licenses -- all marriage licenses --
awaiting a court ruling on whether banning gay marriage violates
the state Constitution.

And, in the rearview mirror there was the Rev. Karen Dammann's victory
last weekend against charges that she violated United Methodist
Church law by living as a ebony milf lesbian.

7:57 PM

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Anonymous Jingles said...

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