31 January 2006

30 January (PM)

30 January (PM)
Originally uploaded by toothpastery.

Toothpastery posts two pictures a day, everyday.

"You can decide if this is a criticism of Flickr's homogeneity, or it could be conformist performance art. For the most part, I'm probably just objectifying toothpaste in an unhealthy way.

These images are methodically captured, lovingly hand-tagged and uploaded twice daily.

This is more boring for me than it is for you.

Most of my contacts would say that I can take better photographs than the ones you see here.

None of these images have model releases. These images are not licensed though Creative Commons for a damn good reason.

Only some of these images are captured in

Vancouver, Canada"

29 January 2006


Originally uploaded by zombizi prime.


Originally uploaded by zombizi prime.

27 January 2006


Originally uploaded by zombizi prime.

you are going to have to click big if you want to see the stitching...

26 January 2006

flying car on google earth...

Full story

22 January 2006

Answers ...

...to yesterdays quiz can be found by clicking on the links in yesterday's quiz.

(doh! meant to put the links in *today*s post)...

21 January 2006


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Hmmm - so if it's not *him*...

"Which Lib Dem wannabe leader used to be a regular visitor to a brothel in Paddingto where he used to pay girls to shit in their knickers for him, and would then put the dirty pants in his briefcase and take them home?" (popbitch)

"Former Liberal Democrat leadership challenger Mark Oaten has stood down as the party's home affairs spokesman over an alleged affair with a rent boy...Mr Oaten released a statement apologising for the "embarrassment" caused to his family, friends and the Liberal Democrat party" (BBC)

little rays of sunshine in a bleak week...

It's saturday, so todays post is in the form of The Guardian Quiz:

What links:

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, R. Kelly?

The Devil's Rejects (5.13), Nil by Mouth (3.67), Casino (2.37)?

(Answers on page 67 if you can't be arsed to click)

(Page 67 will appear tomorrow)

19 January 2006

in recovery, day four

in recovery, day four
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I havn't been posting much lately because I have *stuff* going on, some of which I may tell you about later, some of which I may tell you about now...anyway, I'm at home and I'm not feeling great and I've given up smoking and it's day 6 and okay, it's going well, but feels more like being ill than being ill does so I'm listening to...early (peter gabriel era)genesis. I mean, I havn't listened to early genesis for maybe 20 years, and yet I know every word, every nuance...what i had forgotten is how jokey they were - all peter gabriel's funny voices and cheesy wordplay in "The Battle of Epping Forest" for instance. It's comfort food for the ears, effortless, reassuring, soothing...I'm putting "Supper's Ready" on next...all together now -

"A *Flower*?".

14 January 2006

State control and rock and roll...

You know how sometimes you just get an urge to hear a song you havn't thought about for years?

Poison Girls: State Control (and rock and roll)

(from the excellent Kersplebedeb, which also has more mp3s and articles on the Poison Girls)

13 January 2006


Originally uploaded by tribehut.

Tribehut: talented local graff artist, and one to watch, methinks...

12 January 2006

Hang on a minute...

"Big Brother often feels like a zoo, but celebrity contestant Pete Burns has taken it a step closer by wearing a fur coat which is said to be made from gorilla skin.

His boasts have caused outrage inside and outside the house. Biodiversity minister Jim Knight said: "Gorilla skins belong on gorillas, not on reality TV show contestants." " (BBC)

Never mind the fake gorilla skin coat - Biodiversity Minister? Minister for Biofriggingdiversity? How long have we had one of them, then? Don't remember that being announced at the last reshuffle - what are they meant to do exactly?(apart from hang on the fake fur coat tails of Our Pete)? Pshah!

Shhexy new blog...

Corin is a bit special, and now she is blogging. Go there now.

11 January 2006

First Goatse...

Originally uploaded by mrneutron.

Do you remeber the first time? the first time you saw goatse? It was the day your innocence died, and this person has captured that moment forever. The set-up is, a laptop with *that* picture is handed to unsuspecting (but willing) participants, and their reaction captured...there's a whole set of these here.

NB: the set is safe for work; the original picture is most definately not...don't google it there. Or in front of children, elderly relatives or people whose opinion of you is valued...

10 January 2006

oily gutter

oily gutter
Originally uploaded by jolou.

09 January 2006

Satellite dish

Satellite dish
Originally uploaded by Gary Jones.

Gary went to patagonia recently; his photographs are absolutely stunning. I particularly liked this one, because satellite dishes...well, you know - but if you prefer your landscapes huge, bleak, gorgeous and unsullied, there is plenty there for you too...

Me as Marilyn Monroe: The Game

(Press Skip to begin...)

c/o The Sliding Puzzle

08 January 2006

Less than helpful advice from the mind control people...

From the official "Current Counter Mind Control Recommendations":

"1. Contact your local congress person by mail or email and notify him or her that you are having problems with mind control, spying, remote sensing, and beam weapons attacks. Sometimes the congress person can help you by quite and not official as well as official actions"

magnetic body mods...

I can see the point of wanting to decorate your body. I can see the point in having useful modifications made, even - but I am a bit confused as to why anyone would want a 3d magnetic tattoo...still, it's a talking point I suppose...

Kaiser Chief's choral riot...

After posting the mCfly cover of "I predict a riot", I came across this rather bizarre cover - actually S. told me about a a week or so ago as it has been getting a bit of radio airplay, so better late than never, here is the choral version:

Unknown Choir (sorry - if anyone knows, let me know and I'll properly credit): I predict a riot

Pencil Tips

Pencil Tips
Originally uploaded by surfmark.

Surfmark has started posting pics to flickr too. He's ot a better camera than me (bastard) and it shows!

daleks reflection

daleks reflection
Originally uploaded by zombizi prime.

Went to the welsh capital of the world yesterday (or was it the world capital of the welsh?), with two friends and six kids, mainly to see the Dr Who exhibition...

06 January 2006

Firefly - with fingerprints

Firefly - with fingerprints
Originally uploaded by knautia.

The lovely knautia's dirty, dirty laptop - imagine the disappointment when she said "I'm going to post a picture of some of the filth I have on my laptop".

Kaiser Chiefs and Mcfly: together at last

So, child friendly indie pop favourites cover adult friendly indie pop favourites in doomed credibility bid...all together now "Mmmmmnnnn, Ipreductuhriot!"

Mcfly: I Predict a Riot

I couldn't live with the stigma...

...but these people do - celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas with some groovy stigmatic videos here

05 January 2006

the opposite of how I feel...

...but such a stompingly fantastic feelgood mash by the only bootlegging bastard pop-idol still worth listening too, so good it even has a proper review ("Rex The Dog / The Osmonds...It's another saucy one from IDC. With its freak out "wow wow" intro, power rhythm guitar, kick ass drums and vocals from The Osmond's rock rumpus combined with the acid punches of "Frequency", this tops all their other mash-ups:
DJ Magazine "
, such a washing up dance-a-long karaoke honest to goodness *joy*, that i can't resist posting it.

So long as I don't have to listen today.

IDC: Crazy Frequency

Pure Evil's Pandas Rock

for sale from beautiful crime

police state

police state
Originally uploaded by zombizi prime.

Police helicopter buzzing our street earlier today.


Gold Lego

New Year cheer from Gervais

The latest of the Guardianunlimited's short series of podcasts by Ricky Gervais is online, direct link here

future in your hand

future in your hand
Originally uploaded by miss pris.

The kind of picture I would take if I wasn't crap, cack-handed and impatient. But I am, so you had better get used to bodged and blurry self portraits...

Oi! Jesus! John of Gamala wants his persona back!

In a development so pointless and profound as to be worthy of a Graham Greene novel, an italian atheist is suing a local priest for "trickery" - swindling the people by promotong the belief of something false (ie by claiming that Jaysus was real).

"I started this lawsuit because I wanted to deal the final blow against the Church, the bearer of obscurantism and regression," Cascioli told Reuters..."the church constructed Christ upon the personality of John of Gamala," (he) claimed, referring to the 1st century Jew who fought against the Roman army"

Full Story

The holy Grail...

When I was doing "Looking askance...", an mp3 blog, the holy grail of tracks to find was the legendary t.a.t.u./Rammstein album - russian pop-dance faux-lesbian junkie princesses in collaboration with uber-serious germanic twat-rockers. Well, I found it, eventually, and it is every bit as you might expect - breathless pop, power chords,a fucked up and twisted metalpop carcrash...here's a track:

T.A.T.U & Rammstein :Ein Kleiner Mensch (Small Grave Mix)

04 January 2006

gate copy

gate copy
Originally uploaded by jolou.

I didn't go to Coniston for Christmas. l had a family christmas, visiting my parents and S's. Lots of friends *did* go, and Jolou was one of them. She has taken some beautiful photos of one of my favourite places - looking at them makes me long for the spring when I can go there again.


Originally uploaded by zombizi prime.


The sideways bike and other things...

The sideways bike: what it says.

Factum Non Fabula: Julie Andrews/Adolf Hitler: Bastards and Blood...imagine the bastard child of Julie Andrews, imagine the truth revealed through signs and sigils, imagine gibber more gibberish than the mind of the most ranting, cider-pocked lollard you have ever seen, translated into portugese and back via Babel-Fish...

Woman weds Dolphin "I am not a pervert" she claims...

Kursk graffiti

Easily the creepiest graffiti of the year so far, a stencilled memorial to the dead submariners. (C/o The Wooster Collective

Another year, another weblog...

From the makers of "Accidents aren't naughty", "Looking Askance from '63", "The Zombizi Mishap" and "Zombizi Redux"...here we go again. History indicates you should expect little.

Formatting, links and so forth will doubtless follow over the coming weeks, ennui allowing. Now after that high pressure sales pitch, lets roll...