20 July 2006

The sun is shining in the sky, there ain`t a cloud in sight..

"The `British Government/BBC/Dr. Who/ELO` Conspiracy
Submitted by Rua on Sun, 16/07/2006 - 11:34am.

PM Tony Blair is up to his neck in it- British people do not trust, believe or like him any more and have zero faith in our sneaky, cheating lying labour government. How can Blair & Co. possibly quell the growing atmosphere of unease, mistrust and negativity in Britain today? What will change this summer of discontent into a good old jolly `Handkerchiefs-on-heads, barbecues in the garden, lawnmowers buzzing` kind of summer Britain used to have?
The good old British Broadcasting Company, AKA `Aunty`, a force to be reckoned with. The BBC has brought Doctor Who back to our screens- the one program everyone is watching, hooked on. Dr Who.. we live for it, we believe it, it can govern our emotions and beliefs more than any politician ever could. So, out of the blue, the BBC suddenly gave its country the bizzare comedy feel-good episode of Dr Who- `Love & Monsters`- with the up-beat Electric Light Orchestra soundtrack. "You can`t beat a bit of ELO" as the lead character Elton rightly says. And ever since that Rose-tinted Saturday night several weeks ago ELO Mania has engulfed the nation like a big comfy soothing retro-late-1970`s happy summer picnic blanket. Every sunny neighbourhood in Britain (Including my own village of Roslin) is bouncing & swaying to the mood-lifting orchestral rythms of Jeff Lynne and ELO bursting forth from open windows, gardens, car stereos.. Suddenly everyone is happy and luvvey again! We all love Mr. Blue Sky and complicated matters like the state of the economy, the failing NHS & government affairs seem so distant and unimportant. We`re all gazing skywards hoping for a glimpse of that huge rainbow coloured ELO flying saucer.
`The sun is shining in the sky, there ain`t a cloud in sight..`"

(verbatim from The Daily Grail)


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